Why you should hire me as

Your Next WordPress Support Engineer

Let me show you a little about myself

First things first

personal qualities

Team Player

I play with the team, for the team. None of us can do this alone. We need each other.

Self sufficient

I carry my own weight and my priorities are in the right place. Give me a job, and consider it done.


I am very active with my team members, whether that's asking questions, or assisting with theirs. A good team has an ACTIVE chat channel.

Well Spoken

My professional language is just that, professional. Clear, concise, and specific. I know how to speak tech to both the savvy and the inexperienced.


My decisions are based on objective facts, and data. Any good hypothesis is made from first studying the subject matter.

Goal Oriented

I live my life with a set of goals in mind at any given point in time. This means everything I do, every action I take, has meaning.


As I'm hoping you see by this web page, I come prepared. Nothing in life should be a half measure.


Extension of being goal oriented, I live my life based on a strict schedule. I never miss work, I'm on time, and I'm ready to go.

Lets be honest, you are not going to hire based off my merits alone. You want to know what I can do.

Technologies I use Daily


I have extensive experience scripting to troubleshoot issues. I also am currently practicing writing my own theme in PHP for WordPress. A truly under rated language.


HTML and CSS are easy to learn, and hard to master. I would consider my skills with them 'Advanced'.


I have years of experience writing, troubleshooting, and debugging JS code. I have some exposure to React.js as well.

Node JS

I have used Node since the coding bootcamp. At GoDaddy, I would walk our customers through how to install Node daily.


I worked with Linux WHM/Cpanels on a daily basis at GoDaddy. I


I have over 50 repositories in my Github, here is the my github link: https://github.com/t-stu21


I worked with MYSQL on a daily basis with tools like MYSQL Workbench and phpMyAdmin in Cpanels.


JIRA ticketing sytem was the basis of all my work at GoDaddy. I'm very familiar with how it works, and how to effectively prioritize tickets.

Chrome Dev Tools

One of the best things to ever grace the internet, I don't know how effectively any developer could do their job nowadays without using dev tools.

I can make an immediate impact to the team

Here's How

Not My first rodeo

Well-tenured, Troubleshooting Expert

I’m technically talented, and have years of experience in this field. I will hit the ground running at Rocket.net.

However, I’m also fully aware being simply talented with tech will not make me a great Tech Support Engineer. Talent helps, sure. A great Support agent of any kind understands the proper structure of troubleshooting a problem. 

Introduction > Rapport > Discovery > Testing/Debugging > Data Analysis > Solution Proposition > Solution Implementation > Conclusion

I can say with confidence, I have mastered this flow.

MOST importantly, talking to my teammates, asking questions, and listening humbly and attentively are absolutely essential to my growth and OUR growth. We are a team for a reason. 

Humbly confident

I'm Moldable

While I am very confident in myself and my abilities, I also understand that to perform at a high level, I must learn from those who have spent years at a much higher level. There is something to learn from everyone on the team. Talent, tenure, accomplishments, all these things are absolutely worthy of respect. But EVERYONE can be wrong, and ANYONE can be right. No amount of education, or experience makes someone perfect. That goes for me as well. What you will find in me, is someone who listens attentively to everyone I work with. Whether it is their first day on the job, or their 10th year on the job. What you learn after being in tech for a long time, is people are absolutely incredible. When you listen to them, and communicate with them effectively and professionally, some truly remarkable things can be achieved. Any good tech team, is just that, a TEAM.

I'm Hungry

Always Learning, Always Improving

My improvement does not stop when I clock out from a job. I make sure I am constantly up to date with the newest technologies, the newest methodologies, and the waves of the industry. I am constantly on udemy.com looking to improve my coding skills, and my knowldege of the many technologies I listed above. Anyone that works in tech knows that it is rapidly evolving everyday, and what was used today, may be obsolete next week. For this reason, I make sure that I am not falling behind by taking on freelance work that challenge me, and studying on self learning sites, like udemy.com or even google and youtube. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, one just has to WANT to find it. I love what I do, so it is not hard for me to stay hungry and motivated. I will bring that same level of hunger and motivation to iPromote if I am offered the role.