This Private investigation company needed a website that was mostly informational, but needed to be optimized for speed and efficiency. The logo, and the site was fully designed and developed by me. 

*Development in Progress, as of 07/04/2023 we are about 70% to MVP*

Drift IO

An application I built while in the coding bootcamp. It was a test of my CSS skills, everything was coded including the image slider. When you type in a city, it then sends AJAX requests to 2 API’s, Accuweather and Leezair. Accuweather pulls the weather to the top of the page for the next week. Leezair populates things to do in your area in the bottom of the page.

Kelsey Cakes

This is a project in the pipeline. No work has started on the website for this cake business yet, but I did create the logo you see to the right from scratch in photoshop.

Big Things

Coming Soon

Eclipse Interactive is my LLC. It is my freelance web development company, new projects coming soon… (logo unfinished at the time of this publish)