Coding Bootcamp


My programming journey started at the University of Arizona, where I enrolled in a coding bootcamp and received a certificate of completion. The program focused on teaching Full Stack Web Development, with an emphasis on MERN stack. During the course, I honed my skills in Full Stack languages and technologies like HTML5, Vanilla JS (including some ES6), CSS, SASS (including Bootstrap Library), Node.js, React JS, jQuery, and MongoDB. I also learned how to use Express and GitHub to store repositories. I’ve since created around 51 full-stack projects, which I’ve stored on GitHub. This bootcamp was the starting point of my programming career, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made, aside from marrying my wife, of course.

Advanced Technical Hosting


My career journey started with a significant milestone that transformed my life. I landed a job at GoDaddy, a renowned Web Hosting company, right after completing my studies. I joined the Hosting department, where I discovered my passion for WordPress. Working with the platform came naturally to me, and I quickly rose through the ranks, eventually reaching the Advanced Technical Hosting Unit. Currently, I still hold this position, where I’m tasked with managing servers and resolving WordPress tickets for our High-Value clients on our Managed WordPress hosting system. While my job description may state that I’m a server management expert, I’m proud to say that my expertise lies in WordPress. This role has enabled me to sharpen my WordPress skills, and I take pride in being an expert in my field.

Eclipse Interactive


I have recently started work on a company I’m naming Eclipse Interactive. I have two projects in the pipeline as we speak, with heavy development planned for JAG’s site coming up here in the next couple weeks (date is currently 06/05/2023 for reference.) Check back every so often to see how development is coming along. The logo to the right was designed by me, and they will be using this as the logo on all their business cards, seminars, and site moving forward.